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Hey, I’m Greg Ives

I’m a software engineer, interested in everything from database design to great user experiences. I’m currently leading the development of Myles Wellbeing by day, and working on my side projects by night.


Nottingham, UK

Screenshot of the Myles Wellbeing app

Myles Wellbeing

Myles Wellbeing rewards employees for living a healthy lifestyle: every time you go for a run, or do some meditation or gardening, Myles Wellbeing will reward you with Smyles. You can then redeem your Smyles for real-world vouchers from retailers like Amazon and Nike. As the lead software engineer at Myles Wellbeing, I am responsible for architecting and building an easy-to-use product that employees love, which works well and will continue to work well as we scale.


An easy-to-use, real-time collaborative whiteboard app that is a great alternative to Google Jamboard. Currently in beta, sign up to the waitlist to be the first to try Jotboard out.

Poem Generator is a collection of 22 poem generators and a rhyming dictionary to help you create the perfect poem for any occasion. It's super easy to use, just pick the type of poem you want to generate, enter a brief description and hit the big button.

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Greg is a rare breed of developer that can work across the full stack and is a genuine joy to work with. We’re lucky to have him leading our development at Myles.

Toby Cannon

CEO, Myles Wellbeing