An easy-to-use, real-time collaborative whiteboard app that is a great alternative to Google Jamboard. Currently in beta, sign up to the waitlist to be the first to try Jotboard out.

Poem Generator is a collection of 22 poem generators and a rhyming dictionary to help you create the perfect poem for any occasion. It's super easy to use, just pick the type of poem you want to generate, enter a brief description and hit the big button.

Emoji Family

Your go-to for all things emoji. Emoji Family is the best place to find and download more than 3,000 emojis in SVG and PNG format. We provide an Emoji API which you can use to embed high-quality emojis in your own website or artwork.

Recommend Domains

Domain name generator built using ChatGPT and GoDaddy APIs. Describe your project in a few words and we'll generate a list of domain names for you to choose from! Find your perfect domain name today for free.

Eleventy Critical CSS

Eleventy plugin to extract and inline critical CSS from your HTML templates. Critical CSS is a technique that extracts the CSS for above-the-fold content in order to render content to the user as fast as possible.

Eleventy Load

Resolve dependencies and post-process files in your Eleventy project, similar to webpack loaders.


An Eleventy starter project built to be fast including component architecture and pipelines for CSS and JavaScript.

Computer Vision System for a Chess-Playing Robot

A computer vision system for a chess-playing robot which tracks the state of a chessboard over time using Python, scikit-learn and OpenCV.


Progressive web app designed to share photos at festivals around the world, created for a university module on modern web development.


Hackathon society which I have been involved in since starting university. See which hackathons I have attended and organised.

Picnic Spots

Website created at HackBordeaux in 24 hours. View, add and review the best places to eat your tuna sandwiches.

University of Sheffield Brass Band

Website built using Jekyll for the University of Sheffield Brass Band to showcase concerts, news and photos.

TV Remote

Firmware for the unPhone, a souped-up ESP32 with an LCD touchscreen, to control televisions from a number of manufacturers.


Cyber security research project on steganography. Created a web application which can hide any number of files inside an image.


My first JavaScript library to scroll smoothly between points on a website, built as a jQuery plugin.


Product of my first hackathon. Hype, an Android app to "hype" a location or event, which can be viewed on an interactive map.

Icon Packs

My first foray into programming and design. Icon packs for custom Android launchers, so you can make your phone homescreen look pretty.